Six Hints to Help you get the Most out of Your Kidney Cleanse

Your kidney plays an essential role in getting rid of waste and toxins from your blood just like air filters remove pollen, dust and other allergens from the air in your home. The kidneys can be damaged by many factors like pollutants, drugs like NSAIDs, UTIs, processed foods just to mention a few. Since you cant just replace your kidney the way you replace the filter of your air conditioning unit, regular cleansing will help you protect these vital organs and help you stay away from kidney stones among other kidney problems. The hints as mentioned below will help you to get the most out of your kidney cleanse.

Consume More Water

The lots of water that you consume during your kidney cleansing sessions can flush out kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water is very important as it will eliminate the intense pain that comes with kidney stones. The bad news is that the crystals can cause stress to the urinary tract leading to nausea as well as pain around the private parts as they get eliminated from your body. The best way to avoid this is to exercising and help flus the kidneys.

Prevent the loss of Electrolytes

Drinking water when cleansing your kidneys will lead to the loss of electrolytes. In the end, you will suffer from the effects of an electrolyte imbalance. You can prevent the loss of electrolytes by consuming lots of organic vegetable broth. It is prepared by chopping various organic veggies like beets, carrot, celery, sweet potatoes, onions and dark leafy greens and then allowing to simmer for over an hour. Drink this broth multiple times in a day to reduce your chances of losing electrons during your kidney cleansing sessions.

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Use Lemon Juice

If you wish to have well-functioning kidneys, then you should add lemon juice to the broth or water that you plan to drunk. Lemons contain citrate the help in breaking down calcium oxalate stones. Experts recommend that you should use four or five fruits daily to increase your citrate intake.

Consider Using Herbs for Cleansing

Many herbs are famous for supporting kidney health. Most of these herbs are available in the form of supplements that can be added to tea or other types of foods. Some of the herbs that are famous for supporting kidney health include hydrangea root, marshmallow root, gravel root just to mention a few.

Eat a lot of Watermelons

Watermelon contains lots of water. In fact, water forms about ninety percent of its composition. Eating a lot of melons will provide your body with the fluids that it needs during a cleanse. The other ten percent is composed of fiber that will clear your intestines and reduce toxic stress-ors. Besides watermelon encourages the flow of urine to help detoxify your kidneys. Its high potassium content helps in breaking down kidney stones so that they can be removed through regular urination.

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Avoid Solid Foods

If you wish to have a successful cleanse, then you should increase your liquid intake. This will encourage the removal of excess food from your intestines. While this might not be directly linked to your kidneys, its worth noting that you will be reducing toxins present in the organs and the rest of the body.